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National Theology of the Body Congress 2010 (23-talk CD Set) 

The 2010 National Theology of the Body Congress featured the worldís leading Theology of the Body experts gathered together to teach and network with more than 450 educators, activists, and devotees of Pope John Paul IIís life-changing message of life and love. Presented by the Theology of the Body Institute, Congress attendees learned to apply this teaching to many facets of Catholic faith and everyday life.

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Love, Relationships and Responsibility: A Message for Teens

Have you ever thought about what being made "in the image and likeness of God" really means for your life, your relationships, or your future? Have you wondered why you were created male or female, or if there is more to your body than just mere biology?

Coming to understand the meaning and purpose of the human body, the profound difference between the sexes, and how it all applies to your life is what this CD set is all about.

Human Love in the Divine Plan

The Theology of the Body (TOB), Pope John Paul II’s catechesis on God’s plan for humanity, is changing lives around the world by offering a “new language” that speaks to the hearts and minds of all who have ears to hear this liberating message.

This dynamic 8 CD set includes some of the best and brightest Theology of the Body experts ever assembled. Whether you are new to this extraordinary teaching or have been a student for some time, you will appreciate the clarity and wisdom with which each speaker in this series presents his or her own topic through the “lens” of the Theology of the Body.

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The Case Against Same Sex Marriage

In The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage, Christopher West clearly lays out the Church’s glorious vision of marriage as something only to be shared between a man and a woman. With wisdom and precision, he demonstrates the appropriate Christian understanding of—and response to this crucial debate of our time.

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Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity: A Talk for Men

In this straight talk with men, Christopher West addresses the struggles in the area of sexual purity and lust that many, if not most, men face on a regular basis.

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Woman God's Masterpiece

What is the "feminine genius" that Pope John Paul II speaks about? Why can woman rightly be called "God's masterpiece?" In this talk, Christopher West notes that woman's true greatness lies in her ability to bring new life into the world.

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Proclaiming the Theology of the Body: A Seminar for Priests

In this four-talk seminar Christopher West offers a compelling overview of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and shows priests how they can integrate this revolutionary teaching into their preaching and ministry.

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Purity in an Impure Age

What is Christian purity? More than likely, it is not what you think. Purity is not Puritanism. Nor is it prudishness. These approaches to the body and sexuality actually flow from impurity. Christian purity is the ability to see the mystery of God revealed through the body and sexuality. Your understanding of what it means to be “pure of heart” will never be the same again after you hear this powerful message.

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Straight Talk About Sex: A Seminar for Young Adults

In this no-nonsense talk to an auditorium full of college students at Villanova University, Christopher West offers an authentic definition of “freedom,” explaining how freedom is not emancipation from the teachings of Christ and his Church, but rather the ability to see what is good, desire what is good, and choose what is good—freely.

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And the Two Become One

In And the Two Become One, you will learn how the four elements of the marriage commitment—to love freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully—provide the key for understanding all questions of sexual morality. In this talk, Christopher shows how Christ reveals the nature of God's love through the gift of his body in the Eucharist, and how the communion of man and woman participates in Christ's Eucharistic self-giving.

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Sexual Honesty

In this talk Christopher West explores the "whys" of the Church's teaching on human sexuality, focusing on the true nature of human love as a reflection of God's love. Sexual Honesty presents the critical difference between contraception and natural family planning and presents a positive proposal for how couples can live "sexual honesty" in their married lives.

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TOB: A Bold Biblical Response to the Sexual Revolution

In this talk given at an Evangelical church, Theology of the Body expert Christopher West delivers this life-changing message to an enthusiastic Protestant audience. Catholics and Protestants alike will benefit from this teaching as we strive to live out God’s plan for our lives.

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