Pamphlet Series

Do you want to introduce someone to an important issue but don’t know where to begin?  Sometimes you know they won’t read an entire book, but you still want to give them solid and concise information.  Pamphlets are the solution because they address some of the most pressing issues in our culture today in a well-organized and compact size.

And their affordable price (available with great bulk discounts) means you can share them with everyone.  In addition, parishes can easily use them to spread the faith: as parish bulletin inserts; in a rack in the vestibule; as handouts for Adult Faith Formation groups, RCIA, Youth Groups, and more!

"Thank you for your work in helping to provide the profound insights of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in a format and style that is understandable for people who have been raised in a culture that too often gives little reflection to the true meaning of our human nature and how our lives and passions are meant to be properly ordered."

- Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix

Free Display!

Free wall or counter display with the purchase of any combination of 150 pamphlets. This beautiful clear display easily mounts to a wall or can be placed on a counter top. This is perfect for parish vestibules and bookstore table-top displays.


"What's the Problem with Porn?"

by Bill Donaghy Zeno

Whether you struggle with pornography or you know someone who does, this pamphlet is an answer to one of the most critical questions of our time. It unpacks the allure, the effects, and the proper response to what has become one of the biggest spiritual and social epidemics we face.

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The Gift of Your Femininity

by Katrina Zeno

With the many roles and responsibilities women take on, it is easy for their most basic identity, that of being primarily a daughter of God, to get lost in the shuffle. Katrina Zeno shares her insights on how rediscovering her own identity renewed her personally and how it can provide the best foundation for understanding all roles women are called to fulfill. She encourages women to "get back to basics," starting with examining the theology of their bodies and letting God love them as daughter and bride.

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The Power and Purpose of Masculinity

by Bill Donaghy

What does it mean to be a real man? In this pamphlet, Bill Donaghy discusses the challenges men face in today's culture and the ways they are called to live. He outlines three male archetypes that provide a "blueprint" for living authentic masculinity. With energy and conviction, Donaghy applies the principal themes of the Theology of the Body to all men and husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, priests, enlightening man's deepest identity, and unique gift to the world.

Social Networking: How To Plug In Without Tuning Out

by Monica Ashour

Facebook. Twitter. Skype. Texting. New technology and social networking tools certainly help us stay connected, and, in many ways simplify our lives. But if not approached with proper balance and discernment, they can quickly usurp valuable time by becoming a source of distraction and diversion..

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How To Talk To Your Teens About Chastity

by Jason Evert

Are you the parent or educator of a teen or pre-teen and feel ill-equipped to talk about chastity? This practical, straightforward pamphlet is designed to help you get the conversation going, as it offers you the courage to confidently talk about sex, dating, and much more.

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A Christian Response to the Sexual Revolution: An Evangelical Discovers the Theology of the Body

by Glenn Stanton

This pamphlet provides Protestants with a solid explanation of the Church’s beautiful teachings on love and sexuality. Here, Glenn Stanton, the Director of Family Formation Studies at Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, shares with fellow Evangelical Protestants what he discovered in the Theology of the Body, how it changed his life, and why this profound teaching absolutely matters for all Christians in the battle to restore the moral order.

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The Keys to a More Intimate Marriage

by Gregory Popcak

Is your marriage everything you hoped for?  Pope John Paul II taught in the Theology of the Body that authentic marital love is supposed to be a free, total, faithful, and fruitful reciprocal gift between spouses.  But many couples never achieve the level of love and intimacy that their marriage is meant to.  In this pamphlet, marriage and family counselor Dr. Gregory Popcak, demonstrates that all couples – whether married 50 years or newlyweds – can reach the beautiful power of a more sexually intimate marriage.

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Created in His Image: Modern Medicine and the Dignity of the Human Person Pamphlet

by John M. Travaline, M.D. and Tara L. Plymouth, M.T.S.

So, just what has gone wrong with the medical picture and what can be done about it?  Through the profound “lens” of the Theology of the Body, this pamphlet looks at the world of medicine and speaks directly to those involved - physicians, nurses, physical therapists, caregivers and patients.  It reshapes the way we look at health care by reminding us of the most critical truth of all – the dignity of the human person.  This pamphlet should be read by every health care worker and displayed in every waiting room.

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The Contraception Question Pamphlet

by Christopher West

The sexual revolution came into full swing shortly after "the Pill" hit the market in the early 1960s. In 1968, when Pope Paul VI issued the landmark encyclical Humanae Vitae, which reiterated the Church's timeless teaching against contraception, the Catholic Church stood virtually alone against the cultural pressure to change its "outdated" ways. Now history itself is proving the Church's counter-cultural teaching worthy of a serious, second look, as many of the predictions made by Pope Paul VI have come to pass.

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Infertility and Reproductive Technologies: A Guide for Catholics Pamphlet

by Steve Bozza

If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, this pamphlet is an indispensable resource.  You will learn about the most common options, whether they are in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and why it matters.  But this is much more than a mere checklist of options.  This pamphlet offers every infertile couple grace for their journey, a renewed sense of hope about their marriage, and fresh optimism concerning the future of their family.  

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What is the Theology of the Body and How Can it Change My Life? Pamphlet

by Christopher West

The is the first title in the new series edited by Theology of the Body experts Christopher West and Katrina Zeno. In this pamphlet, West introduces us to the core truths behind this revolutionary teaching of Pope John Paul II. He asks the two most fundamental questions of human existence: 1) What does it mean to be human? and 2) How can we find true happiness?

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Living Together Before Marriage Pamphlet

by Katrina Zero

Few terms incite such varied emotions and responses than “cohabitation.” The idea of two adults living like they are married without the commitment of marriage used to be taboo. But now, like so many other cultural phenomena, cohabitation has become so commonplace that many are asking, “What’s the big deal?” With clarity and humor, author Katrina Zeno tells us exactly what the big deal is. 

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