Experts say: 


“Theology of the Body for Teens is a brilliant curriculum. It is so successful because it speaks to the teens without sacrificing the beauty and power of the message. This goes beyond a traditional chastity program by teaching teens a new language—the language of the body—where God’s original plan is stamped right into their very beings.”

Christopher West
Best-selling author of Theology of the Body for Beginners & Theology of the Body Explained

“Theology of the Body for Teens is one of the finest resources for young people in the entire Church. Wherever they are on the spectrum—whether a teen has never dated or has a history of sexual activity—they can very easily enter into the program and enjoy the fruits of a new-found sense of an authentic purity.“

Mark Hart
Best-selling author and youth ministry expert

“It is my hope that the Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition will be well integrated into all religious education.  I believe that as parents, teachers and youth ministers work together with other leaders in the Church that we really can pass on to our young people a positive and new understanding of life and love, of relationship and of sexuality.  We have a great jewel in the Theology of the Body and in this tremendous formation program.  It is an excellent tool for adults to help our young people come to a deeper understanding of their own lives and of God’s plan for them. We should take advantage of this great opportunity that is ours.  I am very familiar with the Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition program and highly recommend it to all who work with Catholic youth.”

Most Rev. Gregory Aymond
Archbishop of New Orleans



Teens say:

“Theology of the Body for Teens has been such an inspiration and an astounding experience for me as a teen.”

Chelsea M.
High-School Senior

“Theology of the Body for Teens has been incredible. John Paul II’s teaching is so profound. The book has really brought it down to a teenage level. It opened my eyes to where I not only understand the concepts, but I see why I should live that way, and that’s the way I want to live.”

Matt C.
High-School Senior


"I believe that every Catholic high school should teach this course.  It provides the detailed explanations behind the rules that have been taught to us ever since we were little."

Kelly M.
High-School Student


"The things I have learned this year in Theology of the Body have impacted my life in a profound way, more so than any other class I have taken in my high school career."
Ruth B.
High-School Student
"Brian and Jason have especially displayed the beauty of true love and what it means to be a man.  Their example has given me the ardent desire to strive for their ideals and look beyond society’s distorted views of love and being a man." 
Luke F.
High-School Student
"After I finished the Theology of the Body for Teens course a friend asked me what I thought.  I replied by telling him how excited it made me feel just to be a man.  I was truly inspired."
Collin S.
High-School Senior



Teachers and Youth Ministers say:

"Our confirmandi were spellbound, involved, listening and absorbing for each DVD segment of the Middle School Edition. I was amazed. Nothing has held their attention like that before. And the Trivia closing to the segments is GENIUS! They loved it and you could hear answers being bandied about during the count-down time. More importantly I heard the CORRECT answers more than not. I have spread the word to local parishes and am highly recommending it among parents as well. THANK YOU!"

David Previtali
CYG Director
St. Sebastian
Greenbrae, CA


"I found it helpful for me, personally.  To the point that in my opinion, parishes would do well to offer the course to both teens and their parents.  As in: I myself, a grown-up, NFP-using, CCD-teaching, cave-dwelling bona fide catholic dweeb lady, found this to be a course that pushed me to grow in my Christian life."

Jennifer Fitz
Riparians at the Gate

“I had been struggling to find resources to do just what this program does.  What a relief!  This program gives hope to my personal struggle with past difficulties, and provides so many wonderful resources for middle school ministry.” 

John Wiltse
New Orleans, LA

“It reaches the kids at their level and calls them up to a higher standard of living and loving. The personal stories in the book speak to them and occasionally even bring tears to their eyes. Week by week I am watching the self esteem of these beautiful young people develop as they come to realize that they are valuable, they are good, and their sexuality is holy! After only three weeks of class a mother of one of my students shared with me that when she asked her daughter about the program, she replied, ‘It’s really interesting. I look at my body in a whole new way.’”

Joeline Chipps
Teacher, Theology of the Body for Teens
Archdiocese of Indianapolis

“This study is put together masterfully. The stories are relevant, the tips are useful, the discussions are thought provoking, the ‘Live-It-Out’ sections are tremendous! There is so much to this program that one simply cannot walk away without gaining a deeper understanding of what love is, what the purpose of life is, how we can find true happiness, or how we can find love that really satisfies."

“With all that teens face in today’s world, this study is a must. Response from both the teens and their parents has been extremely positive. I could not recommend it more highly!”

Jeff Stankovsky
Director of Youth Ministry
St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church
Indianapolis, IN

“Theology of the Body for Teens is the most powerful weapon that I’ve come across in all of my ministry to help teens in their relationship with God, and to liberate them from the lies they face every day.”

Fr. Mark Toups
Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

“I have seen tremendous fruit from this program. Before my eyes, I saw teens open up to a new vision of life and sexuality. I saw them astounded that there was another way to live, another way of life that actually brought happiness, peace and joy. They saw the choice between emptiness/slavery and true freedom. Those students whose hearts were opened were changed forever.”

Meaghan Weaver
NFP/Chastity Program Coordinator
Diocese of Palm Beach

"Brian Butler and Jason & Crystalina Evert have created an amazing resource in Theology of the Body for Teens to guide teens as they explore their deepest desires: to love and to be loved.  Using Pope John Paul II's writings, scripture, and modern cultural references, the authors have crafted fun and relevant lessons that will engage young people and inspire them to live out God's design for them.  The Theology of the Body for Teens Training is an excellent overview of the material and a chance for educators to seek answers that the teens they minister to desperately need." 

Suzanna K
San Diego, CA

"The Theology of the Body for Teens Training was phenomenal.  Brian Butler was very real and very professional.  He clearly exhibits the expertise to marry the rich teaching from Pope John Paul II with the greatest needs of today’s teens.  The accompanying materials were equally as effective. I intend to reference the materials for a Theology of the Body talk I will deliver to teens in a few weeks.  I would highly recommend this training and material to anyone interested in sharing the Theology of the Body to young people."

Angela King
The Goretti Group

"Theology of the Body for Teens is just what youth ministers have been waiting for. It’s a resource that facilitates the teaching of the wonderful message from John Paul II in a way that teens can understand. Brian Butler and Jason Evert are two great presenters who offered a variety of personal insights based on their experience of how to best use and present the material.  Their knowledge on the subject, but most importantly their passion for the message, is what made the day so fulfilling for all who attended.  The detailed overview on each of the sessions provided opportunity to explore each of the topics and ask any questions related.  It was a gift for the Diocese to host this inspiring training of this new resource. We hope to continue providing more days of training in the near future." 

Marissa Esparza
Director for the Office for Youth Ministry
Diocese of San Diego

"The TOB conference for Teens was a phenomenal event that people are still talking about!!!  The training was an invaluable resource for parents, youth ministers and volunteers.  The Leaders Guide, resources, and stories that were shared will be utilized in homes, schools and parishes over and over again. Our youth ministers are already asking when the next training will be!"

Amy Deedy
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Office for Youth & Young Adults

"The Training was well attended and needed. I think that this teaching needs to be a focus. In today’s age there are a lot of mixed messages given to teens, and often times they do not have the opportunity to hear the truth. I thought Todd Lemieux gave an outstanding overview of the Theology of the Body, and I learned a lot myself. Anyone who is willing to step up to the plate and deliver this program needs to have fully integrated the Theology of the Body in their own lives."

Colleen Daley
Youth Minister
St Philip Neri Parish, Philadelphia, PA

"I was impressed by the Theology of the Body curriculum and so was our chaplain. The material and the stories were relevant and true to reality.  I was very inspired by the commitment and the work which went into building the curriculum. Todd Lemeiux did a very good job presenting the material."

Paul Chick
St. Vincent's Home, Philadelphia, PA

"I really enjoyed the training day and I am looking forward to the videos. The more we get great speakers in front of teens, the better. Attending this training gives me the hope that we are on the right path."

Nora Bowie
St. Elizabeth Parish

"I enjoyed and highly recommend the Theology of the Body for Teens Training to every middle and high school teacher, coach and youth minister. This message can only strengthen and empower young people to be the best they can be to themselves, those they date, and their friends. We all need to have more morals, values and principles in our lives and this is how to do it."

Maryann Schieve
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Saint Helena Parish, Blue Bell, PA

"It was an awesome event! We had 117 people from over 30 parishes. Brian Butler is a very gifted speaker and he did an outstanding job on his presentation. We look forward to having him come back and do some additional training. Thank you for sending him to our diocese; we were truly blessed by his enthusiasm, his knowledge, his passion, his humor and his humility."

Manuel Villicana
Theology of the Body Project Co-Coordinator
Office of Ministries
Diocese of Fresno, CA

"Brian Butler is an Absolutely Outstanding presenter!  He made Theology of the Body for Teens interesting to learn and teach to our youth.  A majority of the audience enjoyed the training and said that "he's really good."  There were smiles and a look of hope in their eyes.  Theology of the Body for Teens is the way to restore the human dignity of our youth, to teach them virtues, such as chastity, to show them that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and teach them the meaning of life." 

Julia Nguyen
Theology of the Body Project Co-Coordinator
Office of Ministries
Diocese of Fresno, CA

"In preparing to begin a Theology of the Body program for our high school students, Colin MacIver provided our teen leaders with a one-day Theology of the Body for Teens workshop that was superb.  The teen leaders had an enjoyable time as they learned about this beautiful teaching.  Those who attended became instrumental in leading small group discussions and getting other high school students to attend the program.  The success of our program was greatly assisted by the workshop from Ascension Press."

Father James Dean
Our Lady Queen of Mercy Catholic Church
Mobile, AL

“I am excited about the Theology of the Body for Teens teaching because we need it; I am excited about the it because our children not only need it, but they are hungry for it. As a mother of three (14, 12 and 8), I am excited for them. The tide is changing; I see it everyday in ministry. People no longer want to guess what the rules are, they are asking for them. John Paul II has given us that, although the rules had never changed, we now have a beautiful way to present them and a beautiful way to receive them. What a gift the Church and Her wisdom are to us, the people of God.”

“The Theology of the Body for Teens training was very easy to follow. It made the good news understandable and attainable for the “TOB leaders”. Todd’s testimony was amazing! How awesome that the very subject of TOB brought him Home. I am in awe of God’s miraculous touch in his life. He was personable, knowledgeable, and real. Youth leaders must be that and Todd is in a powerful way. Thank you to you and Ascension Press for all you are doing to promote and educate the Church about TOB.”

Donna Gardner
Rachel's Vineyard
Diocese of Palm Beach, FL

"I attended the Diocese of Palm Beach, FL Theology of the Body for Teens Training on January 26, 2008. The training session far exceeded my expectations!  The presentations by Matthew Pinto and Todd Lemieux were informative and stimulating, offering varied approaches for presenting the topics of the program. I find the materials we received to be extremely valuable and useful for planning and teaching. Theology of the Body for Teens definitely provides the true meaning and purpose of human sexuality and even the true meaning and purpose of life. Theology of the Body for Teens is a valuable program for anyone working with teens today! Kudos to all connected with this program!  I highly recommend Theology of the Body for Teens and the training sessions!"

Joe Petrullo
Youth Minister
St. Jude Parish
Boca Raton, FL

"I've been involved in Catholic education for 20 years as a teacher and administrator, and I've seen how teenagers are at a most spiritual time. This program is extremely timely and it touches all aspects of their development: mind, body, soul, and spirit. It is a tremendous source of hope for the young amid the culture of death. It gives them an insight into the theology of the Church that I have not seen in any other program."

Rev. Robert Knippenberg
Diocese of Victoria, TX

"Our parish has been using the Theology of the Body for Teens curriculum this school year, for juniors and seniors in high school.  We have the boys taught in one place by three fathers, and the girls taught in another place by three mothers.  We’ve had many parents comment about how, unlike in the past, they don’t have to force their kids out the door on Wednesday evening to go to CCD, because the youth are enthused about going!  And our boys’ class—seniors and juniors in high school, which normally would have a very low attendance rate for CCD—has had an attendance rate of over 90%!

I was glad to receive the DVDs and Parents’ Guide last week.  They will clearly make the implementation of the curriculum even better!"

Father Tom Hoisington
St. Joseph Parish
Conway Springs, KS

“We are very impressed with the layout of the book, and feel this is the best program we have used.  We have incorporated it into our high school junior curriculum, and they are truly embracing the information.” 

Mary Robicheaux
Religion Administrator
Hanson Memorial High School
Franklin, LA

"Brian Butler is an Absolutely Outstanding presenter!  He made Theology of the Body for Teens interesting to learn and teach to our youth.  The audience really enjoyed the seminar, offering positive comments throughout the day. There were smiles and a look of hope in their eyes.  Theology of the Body for Teens is the way to restore the human dignity of our youth, to teach them virtues, such as chastity, to show them that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and teach them the meaning of life."

Julia Huong
Theology of the Body Task Force
Diocese of Fresno

We recently had a Theology of the Body for Teens training for our youth ministers, teachers, and DRE’s.  Our trainer, Brian Butler, was topnotch.  He’s mastered the subject and delivers it with passion.  At the end of the day, our people were equipped and energized to do the same.  In an age of sexual confusion, Theology of the Body (TOB) goes beyond “just say no” and gives teens something noble and beautiful to say “YES!” to–opening their hearts not only to a pure life, but the whole Gospel message, and the exciting world of philosophy/theology.  TOB is a message our teens need to experience now, more than ever, and the resources and training Ascension Press provides has, at long last, made it accessible for them.

Christopher J. Stefanick
Director of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry
Archdiocese of Denver

"Those interested in the Theology of the Body can greatly benefit from the resources which Ascension Press and Brian Butler offer in their training.  Not only is their presentation relevant and compelling, but their material is extraordinarily comprehensive.  Given the tremendous challenges which adolescent catechesis presents today, Theology of the Body for Teens represents, in my estimation, a primary workbook for anyone committed to passing on the Catholic faith tradition. Each page of this resource is a treasure to the Church. Thank you Ascension Press for your gift of love."

Thomas M. Howard
Vicariate IV Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Archdiocese of Chicago

"You guys did an terrific job translating John Paul's amazing vision so that it touches the very heart of a teenager.  And from a teacher's point of view...the book is a dream!! The way it's organized and the supplemental offerings are perfect!!!!"

High School Theology Teacher
Boston, Massachusettes 

"Thank you for piloting your half-day training for Theology of the Body for Teens in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Your full day training is awesome; and for those who cannot commit to a full-day, the half day training is a great alternative for them. By adding personal examples from their experiences to the professional presentation, the presenters (Damon & Colin) did a wonderful job in providing the essentials for those who are eager to begin using Theology of the Body for Teens in their youth ministry programs.  We are grateful for your flexibility in providing a training that meets the needs of our youth ministers and youth ministry volunteers.  Plus, you made it so easy to organize this program by providing a marketing plan and eye catching publicity materials in an electronic form,  ordering the materials for us, and checking in on a regular basis. Thank you, thank you!  May God continue to bless your important ministry!"

Andrea Meyer
Interim Director
Assistant Director of Parish Youth Ministry Office for Youth and Young Adults 
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

"Ascension Press’ recent presentation on Theology of the Body opened the eyes of many of the youth and youth leaders within our Archdiocese. Indeed there is a hunger among this generation to learn more about the Church and the Church’s teachings regarding sexuality, with the Theology of the Body. Matthew Pinto's enthusiastic presentation and ability to share important Church truths in a concise and relevant manner captured the hearts of our youth and youth ministers and ignited within them a desire to learn more. We look forward to having Theology of the Body for Teens programs implemented within many of our parishes soon!"

Katie Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Archdiocese of Miami

"Brian Butler's enthusiasm and depth of knowledge for presenting on John Paul II's Theology of the Body was such a draw for us that we had to invite him back for a second training in The Theology of the Body for Teens.  He has an awesome ability to engage his audience in the learning process, while intertwining catechesis with his own personal experience.  This is JP II's personalism at work!!  Through this day-long workshop, Brian gave all those present the tools by which hearts and minds can be transformed in the school of God's love and mercy.  Our thanks to Brian for offering catechists and youth ministers of our diocese a training workshop on this excellent program."

Rachelle Sauvageau, Director
Respect Life Office
Diocese of Fargo

"I can't tell you how many times I have had parents approach me and thank me for presentingTheology of the Body for Teens to their children.  We've got a bunch of very excited parents who can't wait for their teens to hear the good news presented in Theology of the Body for the Teens.  Many students I have interviewed, who have already taken the course,  gave it a positive thumbs up and really enjoyed it.  What I'm also very excited about is that this series, like T3: The Teen Timeline Bible Study series, has a ready-made professional video presentation.  This takes the pressure off of me and many parent volunteers to have to present the subject matter for the entire school year.  More parents have been willing to help with this course because they are not intimidated by it -- they don't have to teach the course-just lead the discussion groups. It's so easy-just put in the DVD and voila--we got instant teachers who are so relatable and cool.  Thank you for making my job and other parents jobs a lot easier.  Thank you so much for the Theology of the Body for Teens and the T3: Teen Timeline Bible Study Series. God bless you."

Pam Looker,
Teen Minister
City of the Lord Catholic Covenant Community
Tempe, AZ 85281

"It is an engaging, age-appropriate, and sound, systematic presentation.  The activities and exercises are well-developed and understandable.  In light of the cultural challenges confronting young people to live chastely, it is my hope that the Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition will engage the hearts, minds, and choices of young people and their parents in embracing Christ's invitation for chaste living."

Mark Ciesielski,
Associate Director
Offices of Continuing Christian Education and Youth Ministry
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

"The Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition is beautiful from beginning to end - filled with the richest of truths. The lessons truly build on one another catechetically, while gently leading middle school students into the beautiful teachings of the Theology of the Body.  One of my favorite aspects of the program is the way it reveals and instills the virtues so needed at this time in their lives and faith development.  It is age appropriate, culturally relevant, and so much more."

Meaghan Hildebrandt
NFP/Chastity Program Coordinator
Diocese of Palm Beach


"We have hosted training for Theology of the Body for Teens twice in our Parish.  The material presented has been consistently updated and our time well spent with the presenters.  They are gifted in balancing the head and heart approach to embracing Theology of the Body by equipping leaders to prayerfully prepare to share the message.  Emphasis on personal reflection and prayer, careful consideration of teen cultural and developmental climates, as well as thorough and engaging immersion in the content of Theology of the BOdy and its historical significance, made this training effective in preparing us to impart the message of Theology of the Body to youth in the personalistic pedagogy characteristic of John Paul II."

Becki Alford
Youth MInister
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Ponchatoula, LA


Well, I couldn't have asked for training to go more smoothly, thanks to everyone working well together. Brian was exceptional and his authenticity, heartfelt love for the faith and professional presentation made the whole training enjoyable. I got nothing but positive feed back and everyone was encouraged knowing that this program is the hope for our future and this generation's evangelization. I am excited that both the Catholic Middle School and High School here in Ocala have agreed to use the TOB in there Religious education and my next hope is that there will be many trained young teachers available in the near future. If we could have more young teachers as vibrant as Brian, then I know we can transform our culture into a moral, happy environment for our youth. After being involved in the TOB training and seeing the resources from Ascension Press for the youth, the future looks hopeful!!

Debra Bianculli
Blessed Trinity Catholic School
Ocala, FL