Theology of the Body Testimonials Testimonials

If the Gift Study was being done at every parish it could help change the Church because people would realize that their ultimate longing is actually the love that they can only achieve through God. Christopher West is witty, holy, humble. He makes it very practical.
— Nancy Falini

The Theology of the Body has impacted my marriage in such incredible ways. After I learned this message all I wanted to do was jump up and down. My husband and I just wanted to go out and tell everybody. Through the Gift Study we can share this message with others. It is a gift to couples, it is a gift to families, and it is just something that I wish all parishes could have, because it is something that helps couples find the path to a long, loving marriage.
— Patty Millward

This teaching is definitely meant for today’s time and the message is so applicable to me and everybody I have ever met. We are all searching for love and we want that love and want to be loved. This is a great road map to that. It has helped me with my role as a father, my role as a husband, my role at work, as a son to my parents and everything.
— Scott Millward

As a single person, the Theology of the Body has moved me from profound loneliness to union with Christ.
— Matt Zucco

The Gift Study is just phenomenal.  It really has a powerful approach in that it deals with things but is very palatable for most Catholics on the parish level.  You will see renewal of family life and that will lead to societal change.
— Matthew Kuhner

The Theology of the Body has really impacted me in so many ways. It provided those answers that I never received as a kid growing up. As a Catholic my parents told me to wait until marriage to have sex, and that was that - no explanation.  Theology of the Body gave me those explanations.
— Andrew Archual

Christopher West is able to synthesize the Theology of the Body in an understandable and exciting way that gets people excited about it and excited about living it. The Theology of the Body is a great foundation for marriage and it also gives us a better language to speak about it with younger couples.
— Cecilia LeChevallier, Coordinator, Marriage Preparation and Natural Family Planning, Diocese of Camden, NJ

The Theology of the Body has given me an opportunity to look at celibacy for what it is - a gift.  It is really a blessing in my life and has also given me the opportunity to help young people to see what their identity is in this world and how their sexuality is truly a gift if it is used in the way that God is calling them to use it.

  The Gift series is really impacting people’s hearts and I would recommend it.  I think if parishes took up the Gift study many hearts would be changed as people would see that the Lord is calling them to this beautiful gift of our sexuality.
— Fr. John Nordeman, Chaplain, Newman Center, West Chester University

When I think about John Paul II and the Theology of the Body, and their impact and influence on my own life, what comes to mind first is a rediscovery of my own, as a consecrated person, my own ability to love as God has called us to love.  This is wonderful news! 
— Sr. Sheila Galligan, IHM, STD

The Theology of the Body has opened my eyes to see truly who I am as a woman and how I am supposed to be living out my life as a woman of God.  It has taken this veil off my eyes and has shown me this glorious beauty of God’s creation of male and female and how we complement each other. 

  Christopher can proclaim the message of the Theology of the Body in a way that brings it down a level where anybody can understand it.  John Paul II had this brilliant mind and great theology, but not everyone can understand that theology or understand Theology of the Body in that way.  Christopher has a great way of proclaiming this message that any person would truly be able to grasp this beautiful message.

  I believe that the Gift study is an important message for everybody because our society has lost that vision of who we are created to be.  Working with young adults in the Catholic Church, we are a wounded generation that needs truth so badly.  The Gift study can give them hope, that there is something great out there for them, that there is a great vision for their life.
— Abbie Langsdorf, Office of Youth & Young Adult, Diocese of Allentown

Theology of the Body has dramatically impacted my life.  It has changed the whole way I think, what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a person, and what it really means to discern a vocation. 

  It is amazing to be able to listen to Christopher because he has takes this very difficult teaching, and really brings it down to a level that we understand.  He is fun, he is exciting, he is able to use analogies through our music, through our movies that I can really relate with. 

  The Gift Study is a very unique and special gift because not everyone can hear Christopher West live.  The way the Gift Study has been set up is really going to be able to allow people to dive into the message, to understand it better, and think about it and pray about it.  It has been set up perfectly to be able to do that.
— Colin Nykaza, Director of Young Adult Outreach, Archdiocese of New York

The Theology of the Body has been tremendous in terms of affecting my marriage in a very positive way. In my ministry, my husband and I talk about Theology of the Body as it relates to our love story, and our relationship. So in a very real, concrete way, we are a sign to other people and they can see how Theology of the Body affects our life.
— Peg Hensler, Coordinator, Marriage Ministries and Natural Family Planning, Diocese of Trenton, NJ

The Theology of the Body cannot be simply relegated to marriage and family or sexual ethics. Its scope is much broader, touching on everything concerning the human experience. This theology is the groundwork for a re-articulation of the entire faith in view of a New Evangelization.
— Fr. Kevin B. McGoldrick, M.Div., M.A., S.T.B. Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Christopher West is “a prophet of the sexual counter-revolution”
— The National Catholic Register

I am familiar with the excellent work Christopher West has done and continues to do promoting Catholic teaching on life and love, especially as given to us by Pope John Paul II in his "theology of the body." I am grateful to count him among the faithful of the Diocese of Harrisburg and to encourage one and all to listen with an open heart to the message of hope he brings.
— Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Diocese of Harrisburg, PA

The vibrancy of Christopher West, his infectious enthusiasm and penetrating understanding of the thought of Pope John Paul II is well-known to those who have heard his lectures and tapes. The public needs to hear what the Holy Father thinks on issues of sexuality, marriage, and celibacy and West has generously committed his considerable talents to making this a possibility.
— Dr. Janet Smith, Professor of Life Issues, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit

Christopher West’s keen grasp of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and his ability to make it accessible to others is changing lives, strengthening marriages, and renewing people’s faith in the Church across the country and internationally. He is on the front lines of the new evangelization and his message should be heard by all.
— Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Denver

With intellectual care, with the experience bred of long years of teaching this material in the classroom and the parish, and taking account of his own experiences as a husband and father, Christopher West has put us in his debt by making the ‘theology of the body’ available to a wide + and, I hope, appreciative + readership.
— George Weigel, Senior Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center

The Theology of the Body messages have literally changed the course of my life. I have always loved being Catholic but it has never been fleshed out the way it is for me now. It has given form to my faith. 
— Bernadette Kozak

We had an amazing weekend! Father is so thrilled about the whole thing and I think this is really just a beginning of something much bigger than we can even imagine. Damon was out of this world. I had no doubt he would be but he really surpassed all my expectations. Spending time with him was really a great gift to all of us. I feel so blessed!
— Annette Cayer, Theology of the Body for Teens Training host, Corpus Christi Parish, Celebration FL