TOB For Teens: Middle School Edition

TOB For Teens: Middle School Edition

DVD Series Highlight Video

To capture the hearts and minds of 6th-8th grade students, we have developed a fresh, relevant, and interactive DVD series. This is a 2 minute highlight video.

<b>Session 1: Introduction</b>

Session 1: Introduction

The opening segment of the DVD set, laying out the purpose and approach of the program.

<b>How Can I Be "Single" Without Being Weird?

How Can I Be "Single" Without Being Weird?

Jason Evert explains why being single doesn’t mean you’re “defective,” in spite of what the culture implies.

<b>Man on the Street Segment</b>

Man on the Street Segment

Colin MacIver ventures out to get real answers about the most powerful expression of body language from people of all walks of life, including a pirate.



Leah Darrow speaks candidly and compassionately about the pain of brokenness. She encourages students to allow God to forgive and to heal, so they can live with true happiness.

<b>What Will Make Me Happy?</b>

What Will Make Me Happy?

Damon Owens explores the true meaning of the word "love," and the sacrifice involved in the daily living out of the Gospel.

<b>Describe Yourself in 5 Words<b>

Describe Yourself in 5 Words

This video clip in 5 words: Kids. Who. Discovered. Their. Gifts.

Body Language

Body Language

Brian Butler points out the powerful language spoken by the body through actions and expressions as he goes on-site in a classroom setting.

<b>How Can I Become Who I Was Created to be?</b>

How Can I Become Who I Was Created to be?

Colin MacIver relates life without Christ to birds that are unable to fly. He explains how we can “soar” by using Christ as an example. Special guest appearance from "Emuly" the Emu.

<b>What is Chastity?</b>

What is Chastity?

Brian Butler uses the metaphor of a bonfire to explain the patience and preparation necessary before we are ready for the fire of sexual intimacy.

<b>Trivia Segment</b>

Trivia Segment

This is an example of the review “trivia” questions at the end of the chapter. They reiterate the main points of the chapter, but be sure to beat the clock!

<b>What is Love?</b>

What is Love?

Colin MacIver gets real and varied answers from students to the question “What is love?”

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